Thursday, November 24, 2016

Red Fairy Lights

Entered the room
A wine bottle in hand and a bagful of hurt
Some rage, a sprinkling of guilt too. 
I was on the lookout for some release
Some comic relief?

I breathed in the sights
The books on exhibition, the thoughts that were not.
The odour of the permanent resident, his clothes strewn around. 

And along came the intoxication
When the red fairy lights were turned on
Seeping beneath the skin like laser shots.
Settling on that ever-palpitating heart
Making me do things I didn’t quite foresee
Such as clinging to the crumpled sheets with a new-found fervour
Or revisiting that once familiar foot-rub. 
They nudged me to sleep gently, finally.
A much awaited one. 

Should I come to you once again?
Once again as you switch those fairy lights on?

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