Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Life In Labels

The baby ought to be cute. A Huggies baby. 

The girl must be pretty.  Fair and Lovely.

The woman needs be quiet. And talk most definitely in Whispers.

The daughter must be trained for Matrimony. No Marks on the face. Because she's Worth It.

The wife must cook and cook well. For it's a matter of Prestige.

Perform her duties in bed too.To please the man and his Moods.

The bahu must Bru the perfect cup of tea. Keep the kitchen stain free and the bathroom too.

The mother must wake up every morning before Sunrise. Pack us tiffin in 2 minutes. Be a Bournvita Mommy and forget she ever had a LYF. 

Mother in law must definitely be evil. Because the saas was once a bahu too.

The Granny must be clothed in Tide White. Pray for Moksh. And wish for a Huggies grandchild. 

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