Saturday, November 19, 2016

A great piece in reply to my last post, 'The Other Day' by the girl after my own heart, Sohini. Read on...

Come-on, what do you have to hide
You wear skirts - your legs spread wide
You play in the grounds and jump up on slides
You call me uncle- you know that shit hurts my pride?
Your skin glows bright with a burning desire
Your face tells me clearly that you want my fire
But then what's this!Why do you fight my urges?
Trust me - when I am done, you will hold no grudges
Everyday makes me feel I am less of a man
You're my only vent and I hate it that you ran
Where did you think you will hide dear child?
Your tears flowing wildly - your whimpering mild
I am coming for you baby the only way I can
Let me finish with you - I shall make you a woman

Your young face beams with the promise of youth
You think its cool to call everyone a dude
Your dreams are made of teenage angst and fear
I love it sometimes that you choose so very little to wear
I am your elderly cousin - based in the US of A
Everyone thinks I am single cos I am gay
My love, dear one, lies in your bright little eyes
I smile every time you rebel on your marijuana high
Let me touch you my girl - what do you mean free will?
Your wares were on display & you know the drill
You shake your head as if you think you have a choice
Your upbringing is questionable cos you think you have a voice
I see you are saying no - but that means nothing
I consider you a prize- much less a human being

You pretty little thing - I must marry you
You are an angel from heaven - I must carry you 
Your are my responsibility, my beloved wife
You shall stay back at home and support my life
How do you think I feel when you say you have friends who are male?
You think you try hard enough, but you're getting stale
Your newfound job takes up all your time
Don't pretend you earn a living & an honest dime
I know what happens in those closed glass rooms
Can you explain why your bosses book hotel rooms?
You say you travel always with some official agenda
Don't even get me started with all your colleague's gender
You say you are a lonely woman putting up a fight?
And when has any woman ever been that bright
Bitch! if that is what you do with your office time
I will make you pay for it - confess your crimes
You will submit to me - your body will be mine
You shall repent being a woman this one last time!!!

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