Monday, January 30, 2017

New Beginnings

The call to grandmom. Unplaced. 
Mom’s secret recipe. Untried. 
The last mile of the half marathon. Unfinished. 
The pages beyond the bookmark. Unread. 
The almost winning performance. Unrehearsed. 
The journey of your dreams. Untraveled. 
The lover the heart yearned for. Unkissed. 
The love the heart deserved. Unreceived. 
The much needed breather. Untaken. 
The long due apology. Unmade. 
The ticking of the clock. Uncounted. 
The scribbles you wanted to call poetry. Uncomposed. 

Would you still want it this way?
Would you want it any other?

A new beginning is on its way. Untarnished.
A new chapter. Unscratched. Unscathed. 
New fairy lights waiting to be lit. Bright. Unfused. 
A new balloon waiting to rise. Buoyant. Undeflated. Undefeated.

Happy New Year!